Damn Good Handcrafted Bondage Rope

So who am I?

I am Evil Dark Knight. I have been tying people up since I was fifteen. I am fluent in my local kink community and am an organizer, and educator.

Why do I make my own ropes?

I was looking for a rope that would feel good in my hands. I tried several store bought items, and they didn’t last. So what to do… make my own! And when I make something myself, I get a sense of gratification. So let me pass this gratification on to you. Get a feel for yourself. ;)

What do you get when you buy ropes from me?

You get great customer service, fast shipping, and lifelong advice.
And, rope of course!! But, this is no “rope off the spool” product. This is 100% handmade, meticulously crafted, high quality rope. The fiber is foreign, but the effort and craftsmanship is 100% American. I stand by my ropes, usually while someone is tied up! :P

Enjoy it.

"Damn Good Bondage Rope"

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